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As the original inventor of insulated figure 8-shaped conductor, Insul-8 set the standards for crane electrification over 50 years ago. Milwaukee Crane's expertise and product offering are unparalleled. Insul-8 offers a full range of insulated conductor bar designs from 40 - 6,000 amperes. Many special designs such as collectors, insulated covers and even the conductor bar itself come in numerous configurations to fit your application requirements.

Whether you need traditional, economical 8-bar, V-contact bar (Safe-Lec 2) -- the new standard for electrification, or third rail for a people mover system, or any other conductor bar, choose Insul-8. We have what you need to keep your systems moving.

Conductor bar is used in applications such as overhead crane bridge and runway electrification, port equipment and large transit systems.

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Please contact Milwaukee Crane's expert staff for applications assistance with Insul-8 products.

8 Bar Catalog


    8-Bar Conductor Bar
    Insul-8's figure 8-bar has been the industry standard for over 50 years.
    We invented it. We perfected it. Don't settle for an imitation. Buy the real thing!
  • 40-500 Amp
  • UL Listed/ CSA Approved
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick and Easy Installation

Cluster Bar


    Cluster Bar
    Cluster Bar features a "V"-Contact surface for positive shoe contact.
  • 40 Amp galvanized steel
  • 120 Amp Electrolyte Copper
  • Complies with European International Protection IP2 Standards/ UL Listed/ CSA Approved
  • PVC Cover rated to 160 degrees F.
  • Operates in lateral or vertical mount for speeds up to 600 feet per minute
  • Can be curved horizontally and vertically

Hevi-Bar I


    Hevi-Bar I
    Hevi-Bar I is designed for heavy-duty, high speed applications such as material handling cranes and ship loading equipment.
  • 700, 1000, & 1500 Amp
  • UL Listed
  • All components are fully insulated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long wearing, corrosion resistant stainless steel contact surface is specially designed for higher operating speeds
  • Strong, rigid assembly capable of withstanding high fault loading.

Hevi-Bar II Catalog


    Hevi-Bar II
    Hevi-Bar II delivers high-capacity electrical service for factories, storage yards, people movers, and other demanding applications.
  • 400-1500 Amp with PVC Cover
  • 700-1000 Amp with High Heat Cover
  • UL Listed
  • Choice of insulating covers with temperature ratings from 167 degrees F. to 399.0 degrees F.
  • Uses air contact design rather than mass to dissipate the heat generated by high speed operating conditions.

Safe-Lec 2 Catalog


    Safe-Lec-2 V-Contact Bar
    Find out why crane manufacturers are making Safe-Lec 2 V-Contact bar the new standard for crane electrification.
  • Available in 60-400 Amp, in one common cover
  • Collector shoe is guided by the bar, not the cover, for superior electrical contact
  • IP2 Certified for optimum protection
  • Multiple runs can be installed smoothly and effortlessly with single bolt, multi-pole hangers
  • Hanger supports feature slide-in slots to eliminate hassles with holes that don't line up
  • Systems up to 150 meters (nearly 500 feet) without expansion systems
  • Enclosed wiring for connections on collectors ensure safe and simple installation
  • One-piece snap-on joint cover provides total protection of joints
  • No exposed live parts to contact
  • Heater Wire Systems and SS Hardware available

Side Contact Catalog


    Side Contact Conductor Bar
  • Side Contact conductor systems are safe, reliable, economical and low-maintenance.
  • Available in 90-350 Amp
  • UL Listed/ CSA Approved
  • Quick and Easy Installation

Motiv 8 Festoon Catalog


    Cable Festoon
    Insul-8 offers a full line of high quality, low maintenance Motiv-8™ festoon systems.
  • Stretched Wire "tag line" systems
  • C-Track "box track" Systems: Standard Duty (14 ga.) and Heavy duty (12 ga.)
  • Square Bar Systems: Standard and Heavy duty
  • I Beam Supported Trolleys

Hevi-Duty Festoon Catalog


    Heavy Duty Festoon
    Designed, engineered and manufactured primarily for steel mills, port facilities and other heavy industrial applications.
  • Hardened Steel Rollers
  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Single Piece, Formed Steel Saddle -- No Welds
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware
  • Modular Designs

Cable Reels Catalog


    Cable Reels
    Insul-8 provides a wide range of standard and custom designed spring driven reels to meet your needs. We are your cable reel experts.
  • Commercial Duty Cord Reels
  • Industrial Duty 1400 Series Reels
  • Heavy Duty D, E, F, H & M Series Reels
  • Hazardous Location Reels, Welding Reels, Grounding Reels, Balance Reels, Torque Reels.



    Hose Reels / 1400 Series
    Make work areas safer, eliminate hose handling problems, extend the life of your hose. Get an Insul-8 Hose Reel.
  • 100% unassisted spring retraction
  • 14 gauge all-steel construction
  • Containerized spring for added safety
  • Swivel cover standard on all reels
  • Reels come preinstalled with 300 PSI flexible hose.
    You may also purchase the reel alone.
Magnetic Coupler Reels Catalog


    Magnetic Coupler Reels
    Find out why Insul-8's magnet-duty Magnetic Coupler Reels are the revolution in steel mill reels.
  • Ideal for mills due to extreme consistency, reliability, and service-free operation.
  • Remarkable stability of the permanent mag. coupler's torque during pay-out and take-up.
  • All critical components are completely sealed and protected from the elements.
  • Never change a spring again.
Motor Driven Cable Reels Catalog


    Motor Driven Cable Reels
    Motor-Driven Reels are used in a variety of applications including material handling, port side cranes, yard cranes and mill applications.
  • Drive options: Magnetic coupler, Torque motor, Electro-Hydraulic motor
  • Spool Options: Bulk wrap, Mono Spiral, Level Wind
  • High-Voltage and Standard Slip Rings
  • Fiber Optic Transmitter Available to transfer large amounts of information with low level attenuation.
  • Comesflex™ Trench Cover available to protect against potential damage to power and control cable.
Push Button Pendants Catalog


Push Button Pendants
Insul-8's Series 8000 and Series 2000 push button pendants are ideal for controlling material handling systems.
  • Series 8000 is available in two to twelve buttons and features a safety-yellow enclosure, single/two and /three speeds, neoprene booted buttons, simplified field wiring, thanks to two-piece enclosure, UL & CSA approved.
  • Series 2000 is available in two-button, features an ergonomic comfort design, internal and external strain relief for more comfortable operation.
  • Radio Controls


      Radio Controls
      Insul-8 C, D, and J series radios are all designed with the crane market in mind. The Protean is general purpose radio remote control for industrial use. These units feature advanced SMT technology and advanced digital technology for small compact and reliable designs.
    • C - The C Series radio is an 8-button radio offered in single or two speed configurations.
    • D - The D Series radio is a 12-button radio offered in single or two speed configurations that also include an A/B/Both selector.
    • J - The J Series features a 5-Speed dual joystick configuration with dual A/B/Both/Off selectors.
    • Protean - remotely control many different applications including but not limited to lift tables, transfer cars, chain hoists, single and two motion cranes, boat ramps, rack and pinion hoists, conveyor systems, tail gate lifts, door openers, lighting control.
    New R Series Slip Rings Catalog


      R Series Slip Rings
      Meet our upgrade to our popular industrial slip ring line. Our R-Series employs the latest in material and design technology.
    • Self-adjusting and modular with easy to maintain components
    • Cost-effective alternative
    • Wide number of amperage choices and bore sizes
    • All designs meet UL class C requirements
    Comesflex Trench Cover for Port Electrification


      Trench Cover
      A continuous flexible rubber strip for covering cable laid in trenches for environments such as steel yards and harbors. Advantages include:
    • Inexpensive installation
    • No maintenance required
    • Total protection of cables and operational safety
    • No speed limitation for mobile engines, such as cranes
    • Maximum functionality despite high speed of mobile engine
    • Operates under any weather conditions
    Comes Tunnelflex
      Comes Tunnelflex
      Cable Reels, Hose Reels and Trailers for feeding machines inside tunnels, quarries, and mines. All reels may be driven by:
    • Motor Torque
    • Electro-Magnetic Coupling
    • Asynchronous Motors
    • Permanent magnetic coupling
    • Hydraulic Motors
    • Pneumatic Motors
      Please contact us.


    Please contact Milwaukee Crane's expert staff for assistance with Insul-8 products and applications.
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