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     Electrification and Control Products for Overhead Cranes
Duct-O-Wire manufactures electrification and controls products for:
  • Overhead cranes
  • Trolleys
  • Monorails
  • Hoists
  • Automatic stacker storage and retrieval systems
  • Material handling applications requiring safe and economical moving power solutions

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Duct-O-Wire products:

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14 Gauge C-Track Catalog Pages in PDF (678 KB)

14 Gauge C-Track Installation Pages in PDF (732 KB)

12 Gauge C-Track Catalog Pages in PDF (572 KB)

12 Gauge C-Track Installation Pages in PDF (172 KB)


Festoon Cable & Track Systems
  • 14 Gauge C-Track and 12 Gauge C-Track systems are available in galvanized or stainless steel for flat or round cable and air hoses.
  • Factory pre-formed curves in 14 gauge systems are available in 4', 5', 6', and 7' radii.
  • Aluminum track is available for pipe type trolleys for both straight and curved systems.
  • Wire supported systems available for both flat and round cables.
  • New pendant control trolleys with Quick Plug disconnects available.
Special Applications & Services for Festoon Systems
  • Stainless steel and brass bearings for special applications.
  • Precision bearing available in both 14 and 12 gauge sizes for long life wear and high speeds.
  • Both steel and plastic saddles available for flat and round cables.
  • Pre-assembled systems with cables on trolleys and packed for rapid installation.
  • Standard cables available in sizes ranging from #2AWG to #16AWG.
  • Cable fittings in both cast metal with grommets and non-metallic shrink type.
  • Tiered saddles for special cable loads or configurations.

Figure 8 Conductor Catalog Pages in PDF (1297 KB)

Figure 8 Conductor Installation Pages in PDF
(1071 KB)


Heavy Duty Bar Catalog Pages in PDF (1020 KB)

HD-500 Installation Pages in PDF (949 KB)

HD-1000-1500 Installation Pages in PDF (907 KB)




Conductor Systems
  • Bottom contact Figure 8 conductors from 90 to 250 amp.
  • Side contact Figure 8 conductors from 90 to 350 amp.
  • Heavy duty conductors in 500, 1000, and 1500 amp ratings with stainless steel running surface for longer wear and higher speed operation.
Special Applications and Services for Conductors
  • Cover with ultra violet additive for outdoor sun locations.
  • High temperature cover (280F) for all Figure 8 and HD-500 conductors.
  • Stainless steel conductors in Figure 8 for corrosive atmospheres.
  • Epoxy coated, stainless steel, and insulated hangers for wet and corrosive atmospheres.
  • Factory built expansion sections and anchors for expansion control.
  • Factory bent curved conductor sections for Figure 8 systems.
  • A variety of Figure 8 covers for matching competitive systems.
  • Heated conductor systems for ice prevention on outdoor systems or freezer storage.
  • Totally enclosed covers with flap for air-born contaminants, indoor & outdoor versions.
  • Bare conductors available for extreme heat applications.
  • Special long-wear collector brushes for Figure 8 systems.
  • Cleaning brushes for Figure 8 and HD conductors.

There are hundreds of options!
Please contact us for assistance.

Control Pendants
  • Bright Yellow Finish for Easy Visibility
  • Pre-Wired Stations Available from Factory
  • Two-Piece Enclosure Simplifies Field Wiring
  • Cord Grip and Bracket for Strain Relief Cable
  • Easy to Read Snap-In Adhesive Name Plates
  • NEMA 1, 3, 4, 4x, and 12
  • RPB, K, L and PPS Series Switches are UL Listed and CSA Approved. 
  • J and RPS Series switches CSA Approved.
  • Push Button Operator Instruction and Warning Label Available



Collision Avoidance Catalog Pages in PDF (300 KB)



Collision Avoidance Systems

Laser Optic Sensor

  • Laser Optics Sensor Kit for 2 Stage On / Off
  • Switching Includes Pre-Wired Unit with Transformer, Relays, 40' Cable and Reflector
  • Class 1 Laser for Maximum Accuracy
  • Two Programmable Trigger Events
  • DIN Mounted Components for Easy Installation
  • Distance Range from 8 Inches to 60 Feet
  • Also Available with 80' Cable as CAS-2L80

Infra Red Optic Sensor 

  • IR Optic Sensor Kit for Distance On / Off Switching
  • Includes Mounting Bracket, Reflectors, and Hardware
  • Sensor Relays Can Open or Close a Circuit
  • For Use With 24 to 240 VAC or 12 to 240 VDC
  • Outputs for N.O. or N.C. Circuit Control
  • Also Available with Delayed On / Off as CAS-1D

VFD Catalog Pages in PDF (1080 KB)

Variable Frequency Drives
  • Reversing Contactor Systems
  • Complete Wound Rotor System with Resistors
  • Integrated VFD/Contactor Controls
  • Single and Multiple Motions
  • Compatible Plug and Play Systems (Pre-wire Available)
  • Factory Installed and Wired Radio Controls
  • Total In House System Design and Support



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