The standard features and LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP makes The Eliminator an exceptional value!
Ace Eliminator A-30 Wire Rope Hoist

(1) As with all heavy-duty Ace World Companies hoists, The Eliminator class hoists have reducer cases that split along the center-line of the shafts to facilitate easy repair and reduced maintenance cost. (2) Sheaves are hardened to 400 Brinell for reduced maintenance and long life under the most demanding applications. Sheaves are easily accessible to reduce down time during wire rope inspection and replacement. (3) The drum tail bearing is an easily accessible, piloted flanged, spherical-roller bearing that is designed for long no-maintenance service. If replacement is required years down the road - it can be done quickly, easily, accurately and inexpensively.

(4) Wheels are heat treated to 400 Brinell for durability and freedom from maintenance. Strong alloy steel shafts are supported on both ends by encapsulated, double-row, spherical-roller bearings with an L-10 life exceeding 10,000 hours. (5) Hoist gearing is helical with a 25 degree pressure angle for high strength. Gears are cut from through-hardened forgings and have a hardness of 40 to 42 Rockwell "C" scale for durability, long life and low maintenance. (6) The full length removable
inspection cover allows full visual inspection of all gears, shafts and bearings even with a load on the hook. If the unit is equipped with a mechanical load brake, it can be adjusted through the inspection opening without disassembling the reducer. This means inspections and adjustments are quick, easy and thorough.

(7) Platforms provide safe easy access to all hoisting components for fast easy inspection, routine maintenance and rapid repair with minimum down time.